Bastille Agency


Great developers are more than just pedigree.

We find them.

Hiring good engineers is hard. To help make this process easier for both companies and candidates, third party recruiting agencies have served at the top of the funnel to aid with discovery and filtering.

Most recruiters primarily vet candidates based on their education and experience. The result is a very small, homogeneous group of people getting the bulk of attention, with the rest getting passed over.

As technologies evolve at a dizzying rate, companies view skills, not pedigree, as the best predictor of success. As a result, a resume is no longer the best vehicle to fully encapsulate someone’s technical abilities.

At Bastille, we’ve been frustrated as candidates, clients, and recruiters. So we decided to do something about it. Our assessment gives anyone the potential to shine, regardless of background.

Instead of chasing after the same tiny pool of candidates who look good “on paper”, we hope to bring a diverse set of skilled individuals to the hiring table.