Bastille Agency


You take the assessment. We grade it and give you “code review” type feedback. We spread the word all over town of how awesome an engineer you are because we’ve seen it. And it’s off to the races! Using the context of a real world example of a service, the format consists of asking you to implement three features of said service. We firmly believe the assessment gives us a good window into your technical ability. This is really powerful as it allows us to find the right role(s) that match your skillset and strongly vouch for your ability to companies. That’s ok! Try your best to do what you can complete. However, if you do have any clarifying questions or are confused about a problem, please do not hesitate to reach out for help! We expect this assessment to take somewhere between 45 to 75 minutes to complete. Yes, but please note how long it takes you to complete. We take a holistic look and observe everything from your ability to digest the problem’s specifications, architecture decisions, implement working solutions, performance considerations and code quality. We strongly believe that all of these serve as useful data points to extrapolate your engineering abilities. You will get detailed feedback in the form of a comment on your GitHub Gist. This feedback will typically remark the grader’s thoughts on each problem: what he/she liked, what he/she didn’t, and things that could have been done better. We advise you to continue the discussion on the Gist (or over email) with our technical advisor, Karthik. It depends on the company, however, several of them have incorporated our assessment into their own interview/technical screening process. Our technical advisor, Karthik Senthil, currently grades the assessments.