Bastille Agency


Access is free. You only pay when you make a hire through us. Currently we charge 20% of the candidate's yearly base salary, with a 90 day guarantee period. No. You can choose to modify your process, or keep doing things the way you've always done. Our assessment serves as an additional piece of information that you can use to evaluate a candidate. We choose not to enforce time, but do ask candidates to provide us the approximate amount of time it took them to complete the exercise. We explicitly constructed the assessment in such a way where spending a significant amount more time on it will yield, if anything, a marginal value. Because we look for a specific set of signals to assess someone’s technical caliber, we firmly believe either the candidate innately possesses them or he/she doesn’t. The evaluations are reviewed blind, which means the reviewer only sees the code. The candidate's name and any other information is kept hidden. Please reach out to Georges Janin at with any questions or inquiries.