Build your tech team in Mexico

Hire incredible talent in your backyard. 

We handle the sourcing, recruiting, and local compliance. 



We’ll find and recruit technical talent and screen for culture fit and English ability. 

Hire Mexican devs remotely

We’ll build your team, find them the perfect office space, and make sure they are getting amazing local benefits. 

Build an office in Mexico

“Our business is growing and we wanted to accelerate hiring for our engineering team. While we're still focused on hiring locally, we opened an office in Mexico and have been thrilled with the quality of the people and their experience. Bastille Agency and Georges have been a key part of finding the right people that align with our culture, have meaningful experience, and want to contribute to what we are building. In particular, we've been able to save months (probably years) figuring out where to find the best people." 

Tyler Vawser

VP of People Operations at


Accelerate your career with a US startup

No outsourcing. No nearshoring.

“Working with Bastille Agency was great! I was able to land my dream job through them and I am sure my career is on a better track because of this. Highly recommended”. Gabriela R  

“Bastille was super helpful for me. I got intros, advice, even resume reviews and interview prep. Really enjoyed working with them, and would recommend anyone to chat with them”.  Ian B

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